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URL structure is important for SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are many measures that can be taken. Keywords, headlines, alt tags and title tags, page-speed and more are probably everywhere on the checklists. But one thing that is actually one of the basics and can make a difference in the fight for

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Keywords that are searched

Are you planning to launch a new website or would you like to write a text for a subpage or a blog post? This is often the time when a problem arises: Which keyword or keyword phrase should I use? The common variants are already installed everywhere and there is

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SERPs are read differently

Can you still remember the times when Google always published the search results in the same way? There were ads only on the side of the page, but the search results themselves were a simple listing, with no distractions like shopping ads, featured snippets, and more. During those times, the

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Basics for mobile advertising

Majority of users today are only using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet on the go and thus using the dating and entertainment offers of any kind. Many companies are already making big profits with mobile advertising – others have problems with it and cannot quite as easily adapt

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Nofollow links: yes or no?

Links are still an important factor in search engine optimization and can significantly contribute to the success of a website – or even ensure that the ranking just does not turn out as desired. But what role do nofollow links play? Is it necessary to use this and should you

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3 tips for effective A / B tests

We do not need to explain that A / B tests are important anymore. Only with them can weaknesses on a website be discovered and optimized. But it also comes back to mistakes, which then leads to false results and also to incorrect optimizations. However, if you do it right,

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Happy Birthday banner ads

The Internet is celebrating its 50th birthday these days. Hard to believe, right? But not only the Internet has its birthday, but also an “invention”, which has contributed significantly to the commercialization of the Internet and is still used daily by all of us, is celebrating its birthday – namely

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Interpret data correctly

In marketing, nothing works without data, at least not if success is only to be recognized in sales. Instead, we all deal with website visitors, click behaviors, hold times, conversions and many other metrics to help us understand why we are successful or not. This data is then further optimized

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