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Take advantage of the image SEO

Have you ever tried to get traffic from Google Images on your websites? And do you optimize your pictures also to work specifically on this traffic? If not, you should really think about it, especially when it comes to entertainment and dating. Visual impressions play a big role and anyone

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Repetitions save time

Anyone who works with a lot of text content, for example running blogs or the like, will certainly use one or the other social network to apply for new posts. For some, this is done automatically via a plugin, others rely on the manual version and supply the social media

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That’s what Google and Co see

What do you pay attention to when designing a new website? User experience should be very important for you and of course, a beautiful design, as are graphics, videos, and other elements involved. For this purpose, a lot is used, which makes all this possible and for the user of

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Firefox blocks third party cookies

Since the GDPR at the latest, cookies have been a subject that concerns many (especially in the EU). But it is not the GDPR that ultimately requires rethinking the usage, but rather the browser manufacturers who want to protect their users and above all their privacy from tracking measures. Firefox

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Ads are quickly forgotten

Ads are served for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, they should of course provide traffic, ie guide the visitor to a website or landing page. On the other hand, they are also used for branding, if certain brands are to be stored in the memory of the

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The social media newcomer

Would you have thought three or four years ago that Facebook will be taking a back seat to business and Instagram becomes the new “place to be”? Probably not. Nevertheless, it happened today. Besides these changes, there have been many more. All this shows that there is always a lot

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GDPR a win for email marketing?

When the GDPR came into force last year, marketers were particularly worried about email marketing. Lists had to be cleaned up and new contacts became more difficult. Many declared that email marketing was dead and were already looking for alternatives to the popular marketing channel. Now the question is, what

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