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New design for Google web search!

If you look at what Google web search looked like 20 years ago and how it looks today, you can see some significant changes. Some things have even been changed several times over the years. Search filters were always found in other places, the sidebar was often readjusted and the

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Not just for developers

Anyone working online, programming, or just making adjustments to websites and scripts here and there needs one thing above all else: a good text editor that makes the work clearer yet simpler and lean, so it does not interfere with the actual work but still distracts. There are so many

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Does Online Dating Need Trends?

The new year is here and now you can read everywhere: “The top trends for 2020 are …!” Sometimes these trends are generally related to business, sometimes to entire subject areas (e.g. social media marketing or web design) and some even to individual topics (e.g. Instagram, colors). But what about

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TV program as ad planner?

When it comes to serving ads, there are always two questions: Where is the best place to reach my audience? And when do I reach my target audience? If you find an answer to these two questions, much has already been gained. Then you can go to the optimization of

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When are domains really burned?

Often there is the opportunity to buy a supposedly good domain at a bargain price. Then you hit it sometimes, without researching how this domain actually stands. Especially if you want to attract visitors via search engines, that is actually mandatory but will also be ignored. These researches are rarely

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