Adblocker rates are not increasing!

The quote “Who does not advertise, dies!” is well known to all of us. But what if we advertise but nobody sees it? Sounds strange, but it is often the case, when ads are placed, but not received by the use of an ad blocker. This can sometimes be a burden and make it more difficult to reach potential customers. This affects those who advertise, as well as those, who offer advertising space on their websites.

But how many users actually use ad blockers? According to current statistics, 23.2 percent of Internet users in Germany used ad blockers in the fourth quarter of 2019, as an example. This means that the previous quarters figures have not changed much; in contrast with the same period last year, there is even a slight decline. So while it is a positive trend, that more and more users do not use the ad blocker to be spared from advertising banners on websites. It is not a real reason to celebrate.

The digital industry cannot be complacent with such figures, and experts say that an ad blocker rate of over 20 percent definitely has a noticeable impact on digital marketing as a whole. So the goal is to further reduce the rate in the future. This would give the digital advertising industry long-term advantages. But the necessary point is that the advertising on the web is not perceived by the end user as a negative, but as a positive experience.

Actually, the use of ad blockers in Generally is generally lower . Compared to the other countries around the world, causing a major impact and a loss of potential sales.



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